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Stef, Personal Trainer, Portland Team Fitness

I began seeing Sarah for anxiety and digestion issues that started to complicate my daily life. Being a newbie to acupuncture, I was not sure what to expect from a session. Sarah’s kind and compassionate presence really helped me feel comfortable in my introduction to acupuncture. She took the time to listen to my ailments and my desire to feel “normal” again. She explained the treatments and herbs she planned for me. If I had any questions, she would provide me with a detailed and honest response. After several weeks of treatments, I noticed incredible changes. My digestion improved, my stress levels decreased, and there was an overall glow in my wellbeing. I would highly recommend Sarah as a practitioner. Her compassionate and authentic healing practices have helped me breathe easier and enjoy life once again.


Darren, CEO, Workfrom

I came to Sarah with a sore back and muscle tension. After just a few treatments I began to find the physical relief I was looking for and a more focused and productive self - something I hadn't anticipated. Something I hadn't anticipated beforehand. I gained an awareness of muscle tension and imbalances in my body after working with Sarah. Working with Sarah was a success on a few levels. One, I physically felt better after my treatments. I also experienced mental relaxation and focus as well. I've already told my peers to see her; regular visits will keep both physical and mental tension and stress to a minimum. 


Molly, College Student + Retail Rep

I've always wanted to try acupuncture, but felt intimidated by all of the Chinese decorations and woo-woo stuff that came along with it. After my first visit with Sarah, I was hooked. I never knew how good I could feel! Sarah makes my visits fun, and I always always always leave feeling better than when I came in. To The Point PDX is my go-to for injuries and stress, and I love my once-a-month self-care appointments to keep me in tip-top shape. If you haven't tried acupuncture before, go to Sarah. Even if you have, still go to her. I highly recommend it. 

Shannon, Legacy Health

Thank YOU Sarah! My knee pain is gone! I've been gimping around for weeks and FINALLY got relief after our session Saturday! You were right! AND you help rid me of my 9-month-old back pain in just a few treatments. I keep thinking the back and knee pain will return... but it hasn't! You sure converted this skeptic to a believer!#acupunctureworks


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To The Point PDX, the Portland's acupuncture clinic for runners, athletes and first time acupuncture patients, is dedicated to premier patient care and advocating for the acupuncture profession.


competitor magazine

To The Point PDX and Sarah Hammer, LA.c. was recently featured in the national print and online publication of Competitor Magazine. Read the 6 Ways Acupuncture Can Benefit Runners on or pick up the February magazine at your favorite running store nationwide.

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Sarah Hammer, LAc - the Chief Acupuncturist at To The Point PDX, Portland's best acupuncture clinic, tells the story of how she went from skeptic to patient to Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Listen to the podcast on Portland's ESPN Radio with Luke Andersen.

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Portland Business Journal

Elizabeth Hayes, healthcare reporter at the Portland Business Journal, spoke to Sarah Hammer, LAc when Zoom+ decided to slash alternative care benefits.