Natrual Facial Rejuvination in Portland at To The Point PDX


Give yourself a mini spa day! Facial rejuvenation in Portland at To The Point PDX is for making your skin use its best whether you're preventing the effects of aging, have a special event, or just as a treat for yourself. And it does not leave marks!!

Facial cupping is quickly gaining popularity as an option for natural facial rejuvenation. Very small specialized cups are used to vitalize skin and drain fluids, causing a dramatic instant change in skin appearance and texture.

Unlike traditional fire or suction cupping, facial cupping does not leave marks at To The Point PDX.

Other rejuvenation techniques used in this service include acupuncture and facial stones. A special serum and aromatherapy is used to enhance the treatment.

Facial cupping can help with:

  • Anti-aging
  • Reducing lines and skin impurities
  • Reducing redness, puffiness, dark circles
  • Lusterless skin
  • Draining congested lymph
  • Acne & large pores
  • Headaches
  • TMJ disorder
  • Sinus issues

The suction from the cups strengthens the dermis by correcting circulation deficiencies and stimulating fibroblasts to increase collagen production thereby improving elasticity.

*Please wait one month after any facial botox injections before booking appointment