Dry Needling in Portland at To The Point PDX

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Dry needling is quickly becoming a buzz word within the sports medicine field in Portland. Practitioners (who are not acupuncturists) use the term dry needling because you can’t call yourself an Acupuncturist unless you have studied a minimum of 3 years (or 2,000 hours) in acupuncture Chinese Medicine, including hundreds of hours of safe needle handling and aspect technique. 

At To The Point PDX, we blend the use of trigger and motor points combined with the theory of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to offer quick recovery time for muscle strains and sprains, increased joint range of motion and improve sports performance. As a result, treatments at To The Point PDX are more effective, longer lasting and more comfortable than any dry needling treatment.

Those who practice dry needling in Portland only use motor and trigger points. These treatments are often painful, uncomfortable and the effects rarely last for longer than a day or two.

If you're interested in dry needling in Portland, check out dryneedlingpdx.com or schedule online.