10 Tips to Running a Relay Race by Portland Team Fitness

Hood to Coast is fast approaching. Alayne Rowan, one of Portland's best personal trainer and owner of Portland Team Fitness, has 10 tips to running Hood to Coast, Ragnar or whatever relay race you have planned for the last part of summer. 

Our personal favorite is #4. Head on over to the Portland Team Fitness page to see how to run your best race. 

Did you know that pop-up acupuncture clinics are a rising trend at these large relay races? Check out the interview featuring Sarah Hammer Stevens on the Run To The Top podcast on how acupuncture can help your performance while running, and hear about when Sarah performed acupuncture in the Hood to Coast van. If you're looking to check out acupuncture for runners in Portland, To The Point PDX is where you belong. 

Sarah Hammer Stevens, LAc to be a guest speaker for Injury Prevention Summit

Sarah Hammer Stevens, LAc - Chief Acupuncturist at To The Point PDX - is one of 25 renowned running-speciality physicians that will be lending their experience to help you diagnose and treat any running injury  you are currently dealing with (or might in the future) and helping you understand exactly how to stay health, even as you increase your training. 

The Runners Connect Injury Summit takes place online August 17th-August 20th. 

The best part?

To The Point PDX patients and friends have free tickets to the event.

To get your ticket, just click here.

This exclusive online event is broken down into 3 easy-to-follow sections to help you succeed faster.

In the first phase, the experts will help you treat your injuries. Each therapist is considered the world leader in the specific injury they are lecturing about and they are going to teach you exactly how to diagnose, give you the exact rehab plan that will work and give you a plan to return to running. We're going to do this for every common running injury.

The second phase will cover the science behind common modalities when it comes to recovery and preventing injuries. This includes when and what type of stretching to do, when and when not to heat or ice, and if you should be adding massage, acupuncture (this is Sarah's section!) chiropractic and other modalities to your training.

The third day will walk you through exactly how to use strength training and gait modifications to make sure you stay healthy and avoid injuries even as you increase your training load.

With the Portland Marathon and Hood to Coast coming up fast, be preapred to make your next race a PR.