5 Things You Don't Hear About Acupuncture

1. It’s a little weird (and by little I mean a lot)

Acupuncturists look at the body through an entirely different framework than your primary care doctor. Leave what you learned about anatomy and biology at the door. Your acupuncturist may start to use words you’ve never heard before - like “qi” (pronounced “chee”), or use words like “excess” and “deficient” in a new context. Even if you start to recognize the words “stomach”, “spleen” or “gall baldder,” rest assured we’re not talking about the physical organs you learned in 8th grade biology class.

2. The needles are smaller than you think

These needles are nothing like the long needles you’re used to for shots or vaccines. The needles are smaller and thinner than sewing needles. They are only used once and come tucked inside placket tubes. If you’re curious, ask your acupuncturist to show you the needles. It’s totally okay to keep your eyes closed through the whole treatment if needles – no matter how small they are – still spook you. (Plenty of people who are spooked by needles get acupuncture on a regular basis!)

3. The needles don’t go where you’d imagine

Low back pain? Don’t be surprised if you get poked on the back of your knee. If you have a headache, rest assured a needle will be placed between your pointer finger and the thumb. Remember what we said earlier - leave what you’ve learned about anatomy and biology at the door . Acupuncture is weird  - but it works.

4.  Relief can be immediate… or not

Some people leave the office with AcuHigh; you may feel like you’re floating, deeply relaxed and tired, or on drugs.  Others leave with bubbling energy, ready to take on the world. Sometimes you may leave with your back, knee or leg hurting more than when you came in; this is what we call a ‘healing crisis’. Give it 24 hours and your symptoms will clear up. But more often than not, you’ll feel different (and better!) than when you came in.

5.  Your insurance will pay for it

We know acupuncture works. Why? Because most insurance companies pay for it. Acupuncture benefits are becoming more and more popular with health insurance consumers, and healthcare companies, and employers, are taking note.  To The Point PDX will work with you and your insurance company to find out what acupuncture benefits are available to you.  And when it’s time to shop for new insurance in November, check back with us to help you find which plans have the best acupuncture coverage.