5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Portland’s Snowpocalypse

#snowpocalypse is upon on us; and it doesn’t seem to be budging. Today may be the last day to slide down that epic snow jump and our snow creatures may be nearing their final days on our Snowy Tundra, but don’t be fooled; the cold, wet weather in Portland isn’t over. Getting yourself some acupuncture in Portland is one great way to keep our immune system strong; here are a few others to ensure you’re healthy all winter long.

1.    Eat Warm Foods: Substitute your cold smoothies during these cold winter mornings with a bowl of hot oatmeal with Gogi berries.  Our Chinese Medicine Spleen indirectly boosts our immune system. Think of your Chinese Medicine Spleen like a workhorse, and this workhorse likes warm, cozy foods to keep working efficiently. The Chinese Medicine Spleen freezes up in the cold, so keep feeding your body warm, easily digestible foods when the weather is uncharacteristically chilly. Your immune system will thank you.

2.    Wear a Scarf: That cute scarf you have in your closet is not just for fashion purposes. The most vulnerable place for Chinese Medicine Wind to invade your body is through the back of your neck.  And the invasion of Chinese Medicine Wind is what causes you to have a cold. Keeping the back of your neck – or your “wind hole” - covered during these cold Portland days, it keeps the chances of getting sick drastically decreases.

3.    Drink Ginger Tea: In Chinese Medicine, Ginger can warm up your Chinese Medicine Spleen as well as expel any wind you may get in your body. Ending your Portland snow day with a cup of soothing Ginger Tea will ensure you’ll be healthy the tackle tomorrow’s inevitable snow storm. Here is a quick recipe.

4.    Warm up your feet: It’s not uncommon to see people in shorts or flipflops during the winter months; this is Portland after all. Keeping your feet warm in a pair of shoes the fits one’s feet well is crucial to staying healthy in the wintertime. According to Chinese Medicine, acupuncture points on the sole of the food are closely related with your Chinese Medicine Oregon, so if the feet become cold, one could catch cold or get pains in the abdomen. PORTLAND: Keep your flip-flop retired until at least March if you want to stay healthy.

5.    Get Acupuncture (and ask for Moxa): Our bodies are better able to fight off Wind and Cold if our everything is in balance. Getting regular acupuncture treatments keep our bodies tuned-up and ready to fight off whatever illness may try to invade. Be sure your acupuncturist also uses Moxa; moxa is a form of heat therapy used in many acupuncture treatments. Moxa has a distinct aroma which may people find very relaxing. Also, clinical research validates that moxa increase the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin and improves the overall blood and lymph circulations and the capacity to produce antibodies.

Getting acupuncture in Portland can be a strategy to ensure that you can enjoy winter sports- like cross country skiing on Burnside or snowboarding down Mount Tabor - while staying happy and healthy. And we’ll make step 5 easy for you. You can make your acupuncture appointment by clicking here.