Patient Appreciation for Portland Acupuncture Enthusiasts

Join To The Point PDX and Portland Team Fitness on July 22 at 6 p.m. for a complimentary yoga class celebrating the To The Point PDX community and the Portland acupuncture community!

The yoga class, taught by Portland Team Fitness founder Alayne Rowan will help you melt the week away. The class, open to all levels, will also help augment your acupuncture treatments by keeping the qi moving through your channels. Can’t touch your toes or your flexibility is less than optimal? Good! This free class is for you (To The Point CEO + Chief Acupuncturist Sarah Hammer is about as flexible as a piece of wood, you’ll be in good company). Even if you consider yourself a yogi, this free gift will benefit you as well - options will be given for all levels.

Portland acupuncture patients and enthusiasts should be appreciated; acupuncture is a weird, bizarre and effective + awesome medicine. Thank you for giving acupuncture in Portland a try and supporting To The Point PDX. 

See you tonight! Namaslay.