The To The Point PDX 7 Day Meditation Challenge

To The Point PDX  is partnering with Calm, the #1 rated meditation app. Calm is the perfect mindfulness app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users.

We get to share one month of the Calm app with our community of acupuncture enthusiasts - and skeptics - for free.

Let us gift you one a month Subscription to Calm Premium! It’s simple; sign up here for the To The Point PDX meditation challenge and get the challenge emailed to your inbox. Download Calm and put in the code, and then commit to a using a guided meditation (in the comfort of your own home) every day from Feb. 11 to February 17.

This challenge is for you if:

  • You’re a skeptic of mindfulness meditation and can’t comprehend the benefits

  • You think you’re mind is too busy for mindfulness meditation

  • You think you’re so busy you cannot find 15 minutes of your day to exercise your mind

  • You’ve always wanted to try mindfulness meditation but don’t really know where to begin

  • Love meditation and consider yourself a mindfulness pro, but can’t find the time to actually do it!

  • You have a steady meditation practice but want to recommit yourself to your practice

Think 15 minutes every day for 7 days is too much?

Training your mind is like training your body. Consistency is key. You can go for a run and feel great, but if you run every day for 7 days you’ll (just begin) to see change in your body. Same goes for meditation. And really, 15 minutes isn’t that much time. Think about how many hours a day you average on your phone. We encourage you to set 15 minute appointment with yourself each day of the challenge BEFORE the challenge beings. Make yourself a priority and don’t skip out on this 15 minute date with yourself.

Join the challenge by committing to 7 days of using Calm. Sign up here to receive:

  • A one month premium subscription to Calm 
- you get to use the app to chose whatever meditation you’d like to do - they have HUNDREDS to choose from, including meditations to help you sleep, help anxiety, stress, athletic performance, work performance and so much more.

  • Accountability emails during the challenge help you stick to your 7 day meditation goal as well as researched based facts that educate you on the science of meditation. 

Have a headache at work? Try Acupuncture

Do you suffer from headaches at work? Or maybe have some neck pain when sitting at your computer for 40+ hours a week? Check out this acupuncture point - LI-4 or He Gu. This point can be used for headaches, stress and neck pain.

You can find it on the highest spot of the muscle when the thumb and index fingers are brought close together. Dig in on the meaty part of your hand and watch your headache melt away!

If you’re looking for a Portland acupuncture clinic that travels to work, you’ve found us at To The Point PDX. Check where we’ve been; if you have branches in CA or WA we also have acupuncturists there too.

10 Tips to Running a Relay Race by Portland Team Fitness

Hood to Coast is fast approaching. Alayne Rowan, one of Portland's best personal trainer and owner of Portland Team Fitness, has 10 tips to running Hood to Coast, Ragnar or whatever relay race you have planned for the last part of summer. 

Our personal favorite is #4. Head on over to the Portland Team Fitness page to see how to run your best race. 

Did you know that pop-up acupuncture clinics are a rising trend at these large relay races? Check out the interview featuring Sarah Hammer Stevens on the Run To The Top podcast on how acupuncture can help your performance while running, and hear about when Sarah performed acupuncture in the Hood to Coast van. If you're looking to check out acupuncture for runners in Portland, To The Point PDX is where you belong. 

To The Point PDX Portland Acupuncture Cupping Demonstration

Love cupping? Heard of it but never tried it before? Are you a cupping connoisseur but have no idea what actually happens when your head is in the donut hole? 

Check out this cupping demonstration at To The Point PDX - the best Portland acupuncture for runners and athletes. 

To The Point PDX featured on the PDX Small Business Network Podcast

Sarah Hammer Stevens, LAc (yes, Sarah's name changed because she was recently married on a snowy June day earlier this summer!) was recently a featured guest on the PDX Small Business Network Podcast. Click the play button below to hear about Sarah's first time with acupuncture (and why she thought it wouldn't work), how acupuncture can help all sorts of ailments and why To The Point PDX is the best acupuncture clinic in Portland for skeptics.