Have a headache at work? Try Acupuncture

Do you suffer from headaches at work? Or maybe have some neck pain when sitting at your computer for 40+ hours a week? Check out this acupuncture point - LI-4 or He Gu. This point can be used for headaches, stress and neck pain.

You can find it on the highest spot of the muscle when the thumb and index fingers are brought close together. Dig in on the meaty part of your hand and watch your headache melt away!

If you’re looking for a Portland acupuncture clinic that travels to work, you’ve found us at To The Point PDX. Check where we’ve been; if you have branches in CA or WA we also have acupuncturists there too.

10 Tips to Running a Relay Race by Portland Team Fitness

Hood to Coast is fast approaching. Alayne Rowan, one of Portland's best personal trainer and owner of Portland Team Fitness, has 10 tips to running Hood to Coast, Ragnar or whatever relay race you have planned for the last part of summer. 

Our personal favorite is #4. Head on over to the Portland Team Fitness page to see how to run your best race. 

Did you know that pop-up acupuncture clinics are a rising trend at these large relay races? Check out the interview featuring Sarah Hammer Stevens on the Run To The Top podcast on how acupuncture can help your performance while running, and hear about when Sarah performed acupuncture in the Hood to Coast van. If you're looking to check out acupuncture for runners in Portland, To The Point PDX is where you belong. 

To The Point PDX Portland Acupuncture Cupping Demonstration

Love cupping? Heard of it but never tried it before? Are you a cupping connoisseur but have no idea what actually happens when your head is in the donut hole? 

Check out this cupping demonstration at To The Point PDX - the best Portland acupuncture for runners and athletes. 

To The Point PDX featured on the PDX Small Business Network Podcast

Sarah Hammer Stevens, LAc (yes, Sarah's name changed because she was recently married on a snowy June day earlier this summer!) was recently a featured guest on the PDX Small Business Network Podcast. Click the play button below to hear about Sarah's first time with acupuncture (and why she thought it wouldn't work), how acupuncture can help all sorts of ailments and why To The Point PDX is the best acupuncture clinic in Portland for skeptics. 

To The Point PDX - the Portland Acupuncture clinic - moves September 1.

Looking for acupuncture in Portland? To The Point PDX is proud to announce to be sharing space with Lula Health Center at 1821 SE 7th Ave in Portland beginning September 1.


What this means for you? To The Point PDX is now offering acupuncture in Portland for extended hours (including Saturday appointments!), FREE street parking and same building access to the Chiropractors and Massage therapists at Lula Health Center!

To The Point PDX will continue to be the go-to clinic for acupuncture for runners, pain management and sports medicine injuries. We're the acupuncture clinic for skeptics.